Shiroyukineko Translations Review

Shiroyukineko Translations is one of the 4 major websites on the net in regards to xianxia translations.  It was started about the same time Gravity Tales but its debut was quieter than the other xianxia websites.  Slowly over time, Shiroyukineko has grown and while it doesn’t have near the same amount series being translated, the 5 series it does translate are top notch.  Its translation pace is usually a steady one to two chapters a day which compared to Wuxia World and Gravity Tales isn’t that much but compared with traditional translation speed they are lightning fast.

The website UI is simple but effective.  I have never had a problem speed or suffered any downtime with the site.  Occasionally I will have my browser hijacked by ads on the site but it seems like that is a rare occurrence, though very annoying when it happens.  The translation quality is good with little to no errors in it.

SimilarWeb and WorthofWeb have Shiroyukineko Translations at:

  1. 525,000 visitors a month by SimilarWeb. 430,440 estimate by WorthofWeb
  2. $99,574 the site is valued at.

I have done 2 previous reviews on xianxia websites and so far it’s gone:

  1. Wuxia World 3.3 million visitors a month, $90,250,000 value
  2. Gravity Tales 2 million visitors a month, $2,024,800 value

After 3 sites now, it’s becoming clear that the websites value on WorthofWeb mainly comes down to the number of visitors a month.  Something which I think WorthofWeb really struggles with evaluating.  I ran Wuxia World through as a second evaluation, it had a drastically and more realistic value of $679,087.  I will still continue to run further website reviews through WorthofWeb so that way a common index will still be formed.

Choosing my favorite series on this site comes down to Ze Tian Ji or Long Live Summons.  In the end, Long Live Summons edged out Ze Tian Ji by a razor-thin margin due to its humor.


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