Hundred Anime Review

Another day, another review on a school harem anime called Hundred.  If Asterisk War is at the top for school harem anime’s then Hundred is scraping near the bottom with occasional bouts of mediocrity to liven things up.  In the world of Hundred, the Earth is under attack from some sort giant insect-like species called Savages that come from outer space.  To combat this, mecha type equipment is created and the wielders are called Slayers with special schools being created for the training of people identified with the talent for becoming Slayers.

Hundred tells the story of Hayato Kisaragi, a person with the highest synchronicity rate ever found for Slayer candidates and his entry into a school for Slayers called Little Garden, which happens to be a giant ship that looks like an aircraft carrier on steroids.  Of course, this being a harem, we are quickly introduced to the main candidates for the harem along with a few obvious side characters to try and muddy the water.  Hayato is quickly shown to be in way over his head with the anime continuing to teeter-totter him from awkward situation to dangerous situation while keeping you interested with a few glimpses of Hayato’s potential.

To be honest I find MC’s like Hayato to be very exasperating to watch and very hard to root for.  Due to how the story is written, characters like Hayato seem to be this nice guy that has a weak, timid personality along with no redeeming features yet we are somehow supposed to believe all these girls are falling for him?  Sure we get a few glimpses of him being a badass but that’s only after the anime has spent 20 minutes drowning us with his weakness and then offering a 10-30-second glimpse of his badassery.

Hundred’s animation is fine but with a few awkward deformations seen here and there.  I have a real problem with the design of the female characters, more specifically Claire Harvey.  I find boobs like that completely ridiculous, not only is that anatomically impossible but even if someone was to enhance their boobs to that size in real life their boobs would be knocking on that person’s knees.  Every time I see Claire I have the urge to knock her on the ground face first to see if I can’t bounce her up and down using those basketball boobs of hers, I would call it the Claire Harvey bounce.

Hundred is something that I can watch, occasionally enjoy it but is also something that I can’t see myself watching again after the series is finished.

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